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The Revelation

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Push the door of a magical store and discover that nothing is ever as it seems…

I always thought I was an ordinary witch – but I’m hiding an extraordinary talent. The funny thing is, I don’t even know it yet. But on the eve of my twenty-fifth birthday, a shocking discovery throws me head-first into a fight to save the witch community.

A terrible evil from my family’s past has risen from the grave… and to fight it, I’ll need to confront my long-buried memories. Oh, and I’ll be teaming up with a hunk of a werewolf called Nash along the way.

If I fail, the magical world will collapse. Can I find the strength to defeat the evil spirit and discover the secrets behind my past? Or will I fall to dark magic and lose my chance at finding the truth forever?

Prepare to dive into a thrilling world of magic and action with the exhilarating first book in the Magic Cat Grimoire series. With all the excitement of a page-turning urban fantasy adventure, The Revelation is perfect for fans of feisty heroines and fantastical creatures. Scroll up and grab your copy now…

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