Stone of Thunder


They want a God stone, the Stone of Thunder calls Juniper for help.

Juniper leaves as soon as she arrived at the coven. They want the power of weather and lightning. A god or his descendant can only touch that stone. The clock is ticking. No one could have that kind of power. She heads to Denmark to be there before anyone.

Juniper set the pace for the chase that Drake will do with a smile. His beast demands his mate to be with him, she will be hard to convince. He needs to keep her alive so they could finish the bonding. With all Celestia information, he flies to where Juniper is and hope that he arrives in time.

Will Juniper be able to save it without losing her life? Can Drake make her understand that she’s his mate?

Fans of urban fantasy/ supernatural thriller you will devour this book two in the Juniper Samoni Trilogy.

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