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New website and hosting!!

Welcome to my new website and my new hosting. Yes, I did said bye bye to Wordpress! Not because it wasn't good, but it was pulling too much of me time which I rather write instead to update and upgrade my website.

Now I'm on Wix, which bring me less maintenance and I will be able to bring more content! Well, that's a win win situation in my book. Since I will have more time to write and more time to put update of my work instead to update plugins and other thing.

Now, other news. What I'm working on. My website is almost up and running the way I want, so my target is to work on Stone of Thunder and also Sensei. Yes, they are both due for you guys. I'm working also (not writing) on Paranormal University series and also Magic Cat Guild which both will be in the Supernatural Intelligence Agency world.

I'm so existed for those two series. More are coming, you can see sneak pick of my Paranormal University cover on the website but not more than that. I will also announce when and where you will be able to preorder it.

Now that my website is running, I'm going back to my writing cave. Don't forget if you want more news and be the first to know what's coming. Don't forget to sign up for my mailing list.

See you around and I love you all!

Nadine Travers

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