It’s been months without news from her until now… Now she’s asking for his help.

Chris “Hacker” Montgomery devotes his life to his computer and his teammates. Until her, until he met Marie and they had that fabulous night together. When she disappeared the following morning, he searched for her for months without results.

One day, he receives a call from her, begging for help. He discovers more about her life than he ever thought possible and keeping her safe becomes his sole mission. The entire team vows to protect her.

Marie Costa is part of the mafia family in Montreal. Her father forces her to do things she doesn’t want to do. But it’s the only way to protect her sister, Mika. The only person she thinks of is Hacker after that passionate night six months ago. When she decides to leave the family, she hopes it will help her.

How will Hacker react when he discovers that her past sins go deeper than he thought? Will they put aside their anger and be able to work together? Can Hacker keep Marie alive?

This is the second book in the Merceries series. It is a romantic suspense. If you love alpha males and bad ass women with complicated lives and happy endings, you need to read Hacker.