French Market!

Yes, you read it right. I’m starting to look at this market. Why? First of all, I speak English and French, I was born and rise in French. Ah, the other question that I lot of people are asking. Why you don’t write in French? That was a good question, first of all, a few years back. When I start I didn’t like my voice, and didn’t like the fact that I was searching the right word and only the English version was coming to me. That was a pain! Well, guess what I decide to write in English, with an editor (2 publish books and another it’s coming) I got the same issue.

I was a little, well maybe a lot of frustrated at the beginning. An author friend of mine ask me, why don’t you do it in French and translate in English after. I was sceptical, I know that French market it’s starting to be huge after the German one. But I was sceptical.

I know my language I could find people in the proofreading process, but what about the content/development editing, in French. That something that I could find easy in English but in French, resource and other services a little hard to find, I don’t know why? So, I search, some other friend other is helping me with this. I could write in French but I still need someone to look professional if I don’t have a problem with my story structure, pacing and other aspect.

I didn’t found yet, but I know that other authors are helping me which I’m grateful and I still searching. I made a discovery, you can put your thing, on Amazon, Kobo, IBook, in the French section. But how to find something like a distributor, like Draft2Digital. That could hit more French market and more local in a way. Well, I made that discovery and it’s called do the same thing and the same way that D2D does. I was happy that means I could also hit other platforms to publish my ebook.

So you will probably find more English post or bilingual post now. I will do a lot of change on my website to hit the market and be prepared when my book is ready to be sales in French.

It’s not easy, but I think we could have a great opportunity with this. I’m up the challenge are you willing to follow my journey?

Thanks to follow me around.

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Nadine Travers

Nadine Travers

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