Scotland Lovers – Time Travel Series – Book 3 is live!

Scotland Lovers – Time Travel Series – Book 3 is now available!


So the third installment of the series is out. You can grab your copy in this retailers.


Emma tried to found Chloe, she went missing like Elizabeth. After be harassed by burglars. Emma found herself fall back into 17th century Scotland without any memories of her past.

Ian, brother of Cullum, was doing his boring border patrol until they found her on the ground. He will take her back at the keep, only to realize this was Emma, best friend of Chloe and Elizabeth.

Will Emma be able to get her memory back? Will Ian help her with her memory and find the path of her heart? Who is the man that Emma saw in her dream, a husband?

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New for 2017 and what is coming

What will come in 2017?


Simple more books. I know that was easy to know. But first of all, Scotland Lovers series will be finished this year, book 3 is my editor right now and working on book 4. With book 4, this series will be finish.


Will also work on an Angel miniseries of 2 books, more news to come during the year.


Will rework my Supernatural Intelligence Agency series, why? I got ideas to treat it like an agency, so more department that will create more series, which they intertwined. Which I very excited about it!


Also, new series an urban fantasy one, but that’s all I will say for now. If you want to know more about my work you will need to sign in my newsletters, which you will receive news before everyone.


Scotland Lovers- Time Travel Series – Book 3 News


Here the cover for Scotland Lovers – Time Travel Series – Book 3


It is the story of Emma and Ian. Emma travels through time after she lost temporary her memory and didn’t remember to her best friend, Chloe and Elizabeth. She attracts to Ian but at the same time she dreams or memory of another one.


Will Ian be able to convince her, she the right one? Who is the man she sees in her dream/memory? When does she understand that Chloe is her friend, and kept information from her?


French Market!

Yes, you read it right. I’m starting to look at this market. Why? First of all, I speak English and French, I was born and rise in French. Ah, the other question that I lot of people are asking. Why you don’t write in French? That was a good question, first of all, a few years back. When I start I didn’t like my voice, and didn’t like the fact that I was searching the right word and only the English version was coming to me. That was a pain! Well, guess what I decide to write in English, with an editor (2 publish books and another it’s coming) I got the same issue.

I was a little, well maybe a lot of frustrated at the beginning. An author friend of mine ask me, why don’t you do it in French and translate in English after. I was sceptical, I know that French market it’s starting to be huge after the German one. But I was sceptical.

I know my language I could find people in the proofreading process, but what about the content/development editing, in French. That something that I could find easy in English but in French, resource and other services a little hard to find, I don’t know why? So, I search, some other friend other is helping me with this. I could write in French but I still need someone to look professional if I don’t have a problem with my story structure, pacing and other aspect.

I didn’t found yet, but I know that other authors are helping me which I’m grateful and I still searching. I made a discovery, you can put your thing, on Amazon, Kobo, IBook, in the French section. But how to find something like a distributor, like Draft2Digital. That could hit more French market and more local in a way. Well, I made that discovery and it’s called do the same thing and the same way that D2D does. I was happy that means I could also hit other platforms to publish my ebook.

So you will probably find more English post or bilingual post now. I will do a lot of change on my website to hit the market and be prepared when my book is ready to be sales in French.

It’s not easy, but I think we could have a great opportunity with this. I’m up the challenge are you willing to follow my journey?

Thanks to follow me around.